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Job Description

An STCC drafter will be responsible for accurate Auto CAD design through gathering information from projects and teams out in the field as well as within the shop.  The drafter interprets the desires of the customer, whether it be of art or structure, and create physical and functional products which STCC holds to a high standard of accuracy.  

Roll Responsibilities

  • Work with a variety of materials needing precise cutting, especially metals.
  • Understand the operation of  Maxiem abrasive water jet
  • Draft for functional pieces
  • Draft for Maxiem abrasive Water Jet
  • Draft with Auto CAD
  • Communicate with customers in order to assure quality product and design
  • Generate realistic pricing estimates
  • Communicate effectively with water jet operator
  • Communicate effectively with customers
  • Continue to improve one's work through applied experience as well the obtainment of new information and suggestions of coworkers. 

Training for Maxiem abrasive water jet provided by STCC upon hire.


  • Willingness to work, not only for the company, but for self-set goals and the achievement of quality products.
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Knowledge of Auto CAD
  • Customer service experience (at least one year)
  • Effective communication skills
  • Basic Microsoft documents and Windows system experience
  • Confidence in producing quality work
  • Understanding the importance of learning and continual improvement on self and work. 
  • An ambitious and positive attitude
  • In search for great opportunity to participate in the mission of STCC as well as become a part of the growth of the company.

To apply, please submit an application form and a resume/CV to
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Call:  (268) 282-9158